Who’s your Style-Crush or Fashion Icon??

When I first talk with my clients as The Style Trooper, one of the questions I ask them is who is ‘your’ Style-Crush or Fashion Icon is …… initially people think it’s a crazy question, but after some thought, most people do have someone who’s style they really like.

It may be someone in the media, or might just be a friend or your sister! Most of us seem to believe we can’t can’t pull off that style for ourselves, but of course we can!

I like to do apply my Mother’s fashion style advice, which was “A little goes a long way!” And this is what we can all do.  For fans of Kate, just add a little rock n roll, or if your fave is Olivia add statement heel to a simple outfit.

Asher Keddie, Olivia Palermo, Kate Moss or SJP are the most popular.  Mine is Emmanuel Alt (she is effortlessly chic with a little rock n roll edge).

When your next shopping, why not add a little bit of the look of your Style-Crush for yourself, you might be surprised how easy it is!

Who’s your Style-Crush??  Send me an image if you can??

Bye for now! Julie-Ann AKA The Style Trooper at ja@thestyletrooper.com.au