It appears that many of us feel comfortable seeing a Personal Trainer or having our hair colour done at a salon by a professional, but are still a little hesitant when it comes to enlisting a Personal Stylist.

Ten years ago, only very privileged folk worked with Personal Trainers for their fitness and health goals, but now it seems that many people have a PT, it’s almost seems like the ‘norm’.

Why would you work with a Personal Trainer or a Hair Stylist???  Because you feel you need a little help getting what’s right for YOU! A Personal Stylist is no different, just not quite the ‘norm’ yet!

Why not take a professional Personal Stylist to lead the way?  TST takes the confusion out of shopping, identifies styles that works for YOU and your lifestyle, while saving you time and money?

A session with The Style Trooper will:

  • Save you money – with targeted outfit and style purchases to suit YOU.
  • Save you time – avoid roaming around the shops, unsure of what you need or what works for YOU.
  • Sort out your existing wardrobe and identify the wonderful outfits you never knew you had.
  • Identify outfits to make getting dressed easy.
  • Arm you with the confidence and tips to maintain your style.
  • Make you feel great!

Whether you are seeking to cleanse your wardrobe, revamp your current style, shift your style to suit a lifestyle change, or shop with a professional, TST can provide the advice and honesty that you need.

Find out more about how The Style Trooper can assist you to achieve your style goals (and it’s cheaper than a PT!)

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