The Style Trooper  ……  creating “sharp dressed men”

In recent weeks my work with men has been ramping up.  It’s great fun!

I have been working with guys of varying ages, budgets and levels of confidence.  Some are given vouchers by their wives, sister’s or partners, while others have been keen to sharpen up their look to match their significant others’.

The feedback I have been receiving is amazing.  These guys thought it was going to be uncomfortable, expensive, leave them looking silly or just found the whole idea made them feel awkward!  But ……  what I’m hearing now from these guys is:

….amazing, I actually do look pretty good?!

….I was skeptical, but it was not too bad….. actually it was great!

….my wife is so happy with the look, and I’m thinking she needs to keep up now!

….go for it, it’s quick, painless and I do look better than I ever thought I could!

It’s a very easy process, with a relaxed session of questions about YOU, and then we go shopping (some include the wardrobe cleanse to ensure we incorporate the ‘old favourites’ into the mix).  The average time I’m spending with my male clients in stores, is around 2.5 hours and I have had successful shops with budgets from $500 to $3,000.

Most guys just need a few tweaks; with a few basic pieces and some simple ideas to put their outfits together.  The most common gap in men’s wardrobes are shoes, well fitting, stylish jeans and some easy shirts for different occasions.   As with all of TST sessions, we consider lifestyle, budget, size and focus on what’s works best for YOU.  It’s really easy once you know how!

Having realised how much the guys do want and enjoy looking good, I will be posting lots of tips and trends to make shopping easier for all.