Daisy dukes, Denim cut-offs or just simple Denim shorts …. whatever you call them, they just keep coming back year after year!

Denim shorts of all shapes, colours, lengths (!!) and sometimes even bedazzled  can be seen on the streets, at the beach, in restaurants (day and night) and in our stores at the moment.

You might have thought that the time for this item is behind you, but no way, I say!!

They are a comfortable, inexpensive, edgy and can even be a sophisticated staple for your wardrobe.  The denim cut-off is really an item you can dress up or dress down for the beach, school drop-off or go shopping.

Personally, as I’m not as young or as thin as I used to be (but that’s ok), my shorts are a little longer and mid-rise – some dark without detailing and my faves are  washed out, and a little ripped (but still cover my thighs and butt!).

I wear my denim shorts with dressy blouses and sandals for lunch with the girls, or with a simple tshirt and sneakers for school drop-off, and even my favourite vintage tuxedo shirt with a little half tuck, belt and ballet flats for an early dinner out.

If you fancy embracing the denim shorts again, you may want to consider the length, the colour, the style and the shape; to ensure you feel good and comfortable rocking this ‘relentless’ fashion staple.

You can find them at Levis, Big W, David Jones, Sussans, General Pants, Zara and potentially your local charity shop (great to recycle).

Love them, or loath them, the denim cut-off fashion just keeps on coming!  So if you fancy giving this edgy staple a try, check out some easy ways to wear them.