The boyfriend from the 80’s, the tuxedo, the cropped, the peplum, the double breasted or military there are so many to choose from………….

Most of us have owned or do own one (or more) black blazer.  This is a brilliant item for any wardrobe, no matter what your style, size, lifestyle or budget is.  A well cut, well fitting blazer is timeless, sophisticated, versatile and really is something we should all consider as a wardrobe staple.

Over many years I have acquired several black blazers; a classic tailored with back pleats, a velvet fitted military style, a vintage Carla Zampatti boyfriend and the list goes on.   I honestly have worn some style of black blazer at least every week for the past ten years.

I am a “blazer” type of girl and although I have a few in different colours, I usually go for the black when I want to add a little edge to a simple outfit …… a night out, school pick up or shopping with a client.  (A well fitting blazer can hide a multitude of sins and give great shape!)

As you know, the black blazers come in many styles, textures, fits and price points.  All of these factors come into play when buying the black blazer that’s right for you.

Style a classic tailored blazer is the most timeless and versatile, as it doesn’t really date and you can wear it with any jeans, black pants or a dress and it will add a little something to the outfit.  But if you would like to go for something a little more edgy, or textured, try lots on a see what suits your style best.

The style of blazer that works best for you, really does depend on your shape and height.

Petite girls …..
choose shorter, fitted blazers that end at the upper hip to elongate your legs
choose classic, v-neckline to elongate
choose fitted styles to avoid excess bulk
Tall girls …..
ensure the body tailoring is fitted to your waist (not too high)
choose a style with sleeves that are the correct length
choose styles that work with your shape

Fuller figures around the waist and bust …..
choose longer classic with deep v-neckline with one or two buttons to elongate the torso
choose narrow or no lapels
avoid double breasted styles
Fuller figures at waist and thighs ….
ensure the jacket fits perfectly on your shoulders (you can have a little shoulder padding)
choose a style that is fitted to show off your waist (and balance the hips and shoulders for an hourglass)
choose a style that does not end at the widest part of your body (choose depending on your height)

The fit – its very very important when buying any tailored piece to ensure the fit is right for you.  When sizing up a blazer, take note of the following:
Shoulder fit – fit along your shoulders and the seam end just a little further that your actual shoulder, give yourself a little cuddle to see if it is too tight .  You definitely don’t want the shoulder too big it will slope and be uncomfortable.
Sleeve length – consider the sleeve length.  In a full length sleeve the sleeve should cover the wrist but not the hand.  Many styles look great cuffed, and this is an easy alteration if you love the blazer!
The bust and back – check that you can do the buttons up and that it’s comfortable when you are moving your arms out as if driving or eating.

Budget  This is a piece where I am prepared to invest time and dollars.  For me, the blazer is a timeless, investment piece that I can happily wear for a decade at least (with proper care and not too much change in my shape).

Take some time and consider what you find and then decide.  I’m definitely not saying it has to cost a lot of money.  If I find a well fitting, well cut, classic style for a great price or on Sale, I grab it! 

You can find great blazers at many price points in many stores – Zara, Carla Zampatti, Camilla and Marc, Balmain, Target, Balmain, Country Road and Sportscraft.

Note: My favourite way to wear a blazer is with jeans of any style with either a black polar neck, white classic tailored shirt left out or just a white tshirt.  For me, my best looks are simple but sharp and this is what a black blazer gives me!

May Great Style be with You …..enjoy!