Buy 8 clever pieces and discover 20 outfits!

It doesn’t matter what you do, where you work, how old you are, what size you are, or if your budget is limited, there is a sure-fire way to give yourself maximum outfits for minimum effort with a these ‘8’ well chosen pieces for your Summer Capsule Work Wardrobe, to work as stand alone outfits and compliment the great pieces you already have.

Honestly, with these well-chosen pieces, you can transform your wardrobe and make the start of your day so much easier! But, before you head to the shops (or online), you may want to take a little time to plan what works best for your budget, shape, activities and the style and look you want to achieve.   What shapes, cuts, lengths, fabrics and colours are most flattering for your shape and style.

The Summer Capsule Wardrobe is made up of eight pieces for 20+ outfits ……..

1) a pair of well fitting pants – classic tailored, high waisted, tuxedo, flares, ankle grazers, cullottes

2) a flattering skirt – pencil, pleated, full, bias cut that can be worn with a tailored shirt, tshirt or blouse

3) a classic dress that can be dressed up or made more casual – wrap dress, print dress, shirt dress

4) a tailored shirt – usually white, but maybe navy, pale blue or black with a classic cut, large cuffs or ruffle detailing

5) a blouse – floral, a print or maybe a special fabric or cut – make it fun or edgy

6) two basic tshirts – black, white, cream – v neck, scooped, boat or square

7) a pair of flats – maybe statement colours or textures, and depending on how casual you wish to go.  Sneakers or ballet flats?

8) a pair of heels (low or high, block or stiletto depending on what works for you)

Every piece should be considered and be the right piece for YOU, and how it can work as part of your Capsule!

I understand that suggesting black pants, a tailored black pencil skirt and white tailored shirt for starters may not appear to be ‘bolt styling advice’,  but if you choose carefully and add an interesting twist or well tailored pieces (depending on your personality and how you want to look), these clever pieces will make your life easier, save you money and have looking perfect for every work situation.

With just these eight items, and not including the few favourites you have already (and some accessories and belts here and there) you can create the following outfits.

Meeting / Formal outfits – add the heels

Black skirt, tailored shirt
Black skirt, blouse
Black skirt, black tshirt
Pants, tailored shirt tucked in
Pants, blouse tucked in or left untucked
Pants, tailored shirt untucked
Pants, black tshirt
Pants, white tshirt

In house / casual meeting outfits – just add flats

Skirt, tailored shirt tucked in
Skirt, black tshirt
Skirt blouse
Skirt, white tshirt
Pants, black tshirt
Pants, white tshirt
Pants, tailored shirt tucked in or left untucked
Pants, blouse tucked in or left untucked

Remember, although you know what style skirt, pants or shirt works for your body type, still take a little time to try those shapes and cuts that you would ‘like’ to wear ….. you maybe just be suprised!

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