Sunglasses ……… 

The key to being able to choose sunglasses that are perfect for your face is finding a pair that bring a nice balance to your features.

Heart and Triangle: Look for sunglasses that have the same shape as your face, a wider top and a narrow bottom. These include wayfarers or aviators. Avoid large frames that emphasize your wider forehead and hide your jaw line.

Long/Oblong: With a longer face, you want to bring some width into it to balance things out, so look for wider frames that run from medium-sized to large.

Oval: You can make almost any shade look good with your face shape, so it’s more a matter of personal preference with you. Just be sure to avoid frames that make your face longer or swallow your features.

Square: It’s all about balance when it comes to those angles. Your strong jaw line needs a softer touch, so look for round frames like some of the vintage ones below. Avoid square frames which only highlight those sharp lines.

Round: Like a square face looks for round sunglasses, a round face looks for square sunglasses. You’ll want to add some angles to your face to detract from the fullness.


Pick your color and design

As with any accessory, you get multiple colors and patterns to choose from.   If warm colors might wash you out, look for cooler colors like blue, purple, and green.

If you prefer something practical, go for the classic black. Those shades will match just about anything. White is also a nice choice for a classy, clean look. Consider your wardrobe, so if you need sunglasses that you can wear all the time, consider your outfits and what matches your colors and style.

Wear what you like!

It’s important to feel good about yourself when you slip on a pair of sunglasses, so once you find shapes that work with your face, pick one that suits your personality. You’ll feel much better rocking some frames that not only suit your angles and curves but reflect who you are as a person.

But always, go with what YOU feel great in as sunglasses make a statement – they are a statement accessory and can shape your look and how you feel.