Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom ………

Treat yourself, as it’s not just about them!

Recently I worked with two girls that came to Sydney from the country, to work with me to find their outfits for their children’s forthcoming weddings.  One was the mother of the bride, the other the mother of the groom.

Now this might not be traditionally what one might do in their situation, but these ladies really wanted something special and stylish for the big family occasion.

Be it Mother of the Bride or Groom, even Grandmother of the Bride or Groom, a wedding is a special occasion in any family, and everyone likes to make an effort to look their best.

The girls I worked with seemed so young to be having their offspring walk down the aisle, but it was happening, and they really wanted to be a super stylish Mum.

These girls were great, they didn’t want to look different than themselves or outshine anyone, they just wanted to be sophisticated, appropriate and comfortable on the day.

As they were coming from the country, we had several chats and exchanged emails beforehand to ensure we were on the same page, and see some examples of what kind of look we wanted to achieve.

Both girls went home with amazing dresses, completely different to anything they would normally wear, great shoes to match (and not dig into the lawn as they are both garden weddings!) and simple jewelry to match.

It was so simple, and it was so much fun!