Do you long to revamp your wardrobe, but don’t know where to start? The RESTYLE is just for you if you suffer from serious style envy, wondering how others create that effortlessly chic look. Or it could be you don’t like shopping and you need a companion and expert to lead the way – to make it enjoyable and worthwhile and share some tips on how it’s done.


Let someone else take the fuss and endless searching out of shopping for you. Julie-Ann can make shopping for a new style and wardrobe easy and arm you with the confidence to maintain your style going forward.
Your PERSONAL STYLING experience will be fun and relaxed to ensure you really do take home what you will wear and enjoy. This experience is all about you feeling great and finding a style and wardrobe that compliment your lifestyle.


Let us take the angst out of cleansing your wardrobe and identify the brilliant things you already own and work from there to achieve the style and confidence you want.
We can show you how to wear and enjoy your existing clothes and identify the pieces that you need for your perfect wardrobe. The WARDROBE CLEANSE works ideally with our PERSONAL STYLIST or PERSONAL SHOPPER services.


Julie-Ann can make updating your style and wardrobe easy with a personalised selection of outfits brought to your door. Let someone else take the fuss and endless searching out of shopping for you, by going to the shops to provide you with a selection of items to fit your lifestyle and budget.
The PERSONAL SHOPPER is ideally suited to time-poor girls who are keen to have a professional take your brief and run with it. A new wardrobe is delivered to your door to allow you try your outfits on at home without taking time out from your work and family.


Julie-Ann has exceptional contacts and skills in locating specialist items from Australia and all over the world. This may include that amazing pair of Prada sandals, a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses from 2012 or that Ted Baker dress that you just can’t find, no matter how many hours you spend scouring the internet.


Do you procrastinate, over-pack or chose crazy mismatched garments with all the wrong shoes and accessories for that business trip or holiday? Or would you like to feel more stylish on the plane and when you arrive at your destination? Let TRAVEL PACKER the clothing selection and packing easy for you. We can choose a great selection from your wardrobe (or suggest a few complimentary purchases), specific to your itinerary, the weather at your destination and what you have going on and pack for you. Julie-Ann has a huge amount of experience in helping corporate executives (both men and women) put a stylish and wearable wardrobe together for both business and pleasure travel. Contact us to discuss how we can take one component out of your travel preparation.

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