In the words of ZZ Top …. “every girls crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man”

Does your Man need a little help with his style???

Most men are confident with what they wear, even if sometimes it’s really not great, they seem to ‘own’ what they put on!

As women, we support our boyfriends, husbands, fathers and sons in all that they do, but maybe we need to say something when their clothes are ill-fitting, wrong for the occasion or not quite right for that guy.

I have a brilliant time styling men for work and play.  For casual wear, the stores are packed with stylish essentials for every man;  great jeans and pants, masculine boots, casual and sophisticated coats and blazers, along with the basic t-shirts, polos and tailored shirts.

Would like your guy to update his style a little but are finding it tricky, as he may be a little defensive (about getting rid of the 1990’s 501’s!!), contact us and see if we can help.