So much stuff, but nothing to wear?  

Wonderful pieces, but no outfits?

These are the two most common issues I hear from my clients!

Whether your needs are casual, corporate or for a holiday ….. with a few simple tips, and a minor shift in your shopping style, you can find yourself with a wardrobe full of outfits, from just a few, well selected pieces that work together.

It has been lots of fun showing my clients how they can have 20 (at least!) different outfits from; a few easy basics, one or two special pieces, well fitting jeans or trousers, a classic blazer and a couple of dresses that can be teamed with fun shoes and accessories (for different styles and occasions).

Save money and time, and importantly, you get what you need with a little forward planning.  I like to ask my clients a few questions beforehand to ensure we achieve their goals for the cleanse or shop:

What’s your style (or styles);
What do you need?
What would you like? (and maybe a few wishlist items)

Hitting the shops with a plan is definitely the way to go.

Have fun out there ……………….