Not just a musician, he’s also a Dad, Husband, Brother and great friend ….. and he loved it, after just a little encouragement!

Simon embarked on his session with The Style Trooper, following a little prompting from his wife.  He had recently moved from Whistler, was working out and needed some new clothes and had no ideas, or inclination regarding what he needed or where to go.

His concerns – not enough time, not keen to spend a lot of money and didn’t want to feel ‘dressed up’ all the time.

His motivations – needed some clothes as he was feeling old, boring and a bit of a dag!

So we hit the shops and he bought; shoes, jeans, smart pants, shirts, a blazer, a belt and great jumpers.  All the items were interchangeable for Simon’s various needs.  Simon had a new wardrobe, with items that worked together to give him outfits for casual, gigging and some sophisticated dressing.

Simon – Everything goes well together, I feel comfortable and, it didn’t break the bank!

Most of the items Simon purchased were on Sale (as that’s retail these days) and he was pleased TST knew where to go, to grab a good deal and good quality, with the right style for his lifestyle.

We had a great time and (as with all the men, he got a bit of a swagger going), he knows he is looking pretty good, with just a few new things, limited spend (under budget) and two hours with The Style Trooper.

Simon’s quote at the end of the session:

Simon – I’ve been ‘Trooped’ and feeling great!  Looking good, feeling good, very happy, go The Style Trooper!!