Are YOU  smashing your corporate look during the week, but you don’t get that same feeling when you stand in front of your wardrobe on a Saturday morning…?! Then you are not alone…

Looking effortlessly casual and put-together, is not easy for everyone.  Some of my clients have the most incredible work wardrobes and struggle to achieve a great casual look.

When I was in corporate life, I rarely crossed over my work and casual wardrobe.  I liked to wear sleek, classic outfits for work, and leave the fun stuff for play (most of the time, not all of the time).  You can definitely team your work blazers and great dresses with your casual wear, but this is a good general way of thinking, and will help you when choosing your casual wear.

I can suggest a few easy pointers to helping you with your casual wardrobe:

  • Focus – think about your lifestyle, where you go, what you might need
  • Consider – what your style is, how you would like to look
  • Understand – what shapes, colours and styles work for you

With the stores full of wonderful clothes, accessories and shoes right now, why not hit the stores and get yourself some fun, comfortable, fabulous outfits for this party season!