The Style Trooper offers a range of services to suit all styles, budgets and schedules!

WARDROBE CLEANSE – TST comes to your home and discusses your concerns, style aspirations and lifestyle.  We go through your wardrobe and match your existing clothes and accessories to your brief, identify outfits and great pieces you already have, and keep a few special items that you want to hold onto “just because”.

Cost: 2.5 hours face to face (with discussions before and after) = $300

PERSONAL STYLE SHOP – Once we determine what your priorities are, we hit the shops together, with a vision of what items are ‘musts’, ‘would be nice’ and ‘wow I must have it’ items and accessories, to suit your budget and location.  Note: I arrive early to put aside on-spec pieces to kick off the shop and save time.

Cost: 2.5 hours face to face (with discussion beforehand) = $300

Package cost: $550 ($50 reduction when these two services are purchased as a package)

THE PERSONAL SHOPPER – bringing the new wardrobe to you at home. The process of the “Personal Shopper” experience is done two ways:

  1. PERSONAL SHOPPER – Discuss your needs, wants, budget and style aspirations for your new wardrobe.  TST will confirm what is required and shop for you and bring the pieces to you for review (we return anything unwanted items).
  2. INCLUDE THE WARDROBE CLEANSE, FIRST UP, AS A PACKAGE – This package includes the Wardrobe Cleanse (as above) initially and then TST will shop for you, to fill in the ‘gaps’ identified in your existing wardrobe, purchase items to complete your new wardrobe, to suit your style and budget.

Cost: 2.5 hours face to face (with discussion beforehand) = $350

Package cost: $600 ($50 reduction when purchased as a package)

THE CORPORATE STYLIST PRESENTATION – Corporate dressing can be tricky for some; you may have a limited budget, but need to dress for high end clients, or you may find your style is a little too corporate for your work environment.  
TST can tailor a presentation to your business; no matter industry, size or culture.  TST presentation is designed to outline what type of dressing is required for your business (and how to find those pieces based on your budget, size, etc), or encourage your team to dress specifically for what’s happening each day (and outline what that might be), or possibly demonstrate the benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe to anchor your work style.

Cost: Price based on specific requirements of the presentation.

THE TREASURE HUNTER – This service is priced based on the extent of the hunt for each treasure and of course you pay the cost of the item and the shipping.

THE TRAVEL PACKER – Let the TST Travel Packer take the stress out of packing.  The Travel Packer can work with you to select stylish, appropriate and mix and max outfits and accessories to make the pre-holiday preparation easy and luggage lightweight!

Cost: 2 hours face to face (with discussion beforehand and list of ‘need to buy for trip’) = $220


Please contact me for a quote 0425 405 215 or via our contact page.