Don’t avoid buying suede and newbuck ……. you just need a few tips to keep it looking great!

If you are one of those people who avoid buying beautiful suede shoes, boots and bags for fear of ruining them , fear no more, as a little TLC can keep them looking great!

I recently met with Nick from Manly Cobblers to find out the ways we can take care of our suede and nubuck.

Here are a few tips from Nick:

Most importantly, new suede & nubuck items should be protected using a good quality waterproofer.  Nick recommends Collonil Nanopro or Collonil Carbon Pro. (available at #Manly Cobblers).

Ensure you have a suede or nubuck brush available for cleaning.  Nick suggests suede brushes with brass or nylon bristles, whilst nubuck have rubber bristles.  (#Manly Cobblers have 3 or 4 different brushes available in the store).

For optimum appearance, waterproof suede & nubuck items every 2-3 weeks, or after each clean.

After each wear, thoroughly inspect article and clean promptly if necessary.

Keep light coloured suede & nubuck away from denim clothing, as colour can transfer easily.

Note: If you would prefer Manly Cobblers offers a service to waterproof for clients who prefer a professional touch. This involves the application of the waterproofer and all remaining contents are passed onto the customer.

Nick Pascuzzo from Manly Cobblers is the real deal, with a passion for his trade and great skills.  Nick is the old school cobbler, who goes out of his way to repair your old favourites and take care of your new precious footwear.

Nick has 22 years experience in the Footwear Repair Industry and is a highly qualified and skilled shoemaker, serving the Northern Beaches for over 20 years. 

The philosophy at Manly Cobblers is “Traditional Craftsmanship. Traditional Service.”.  We only use top quality materials and guarantee high quality shoe repairs and service.

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Stay tuned as we’ll be offering you further tips from Manly Cobblers!