Wardrobe Cleanse – Shop your wardrobe!

There are probably lots of wonderful outfits amongst your clothes and accessories that you have never thought to put together …… enter The Style Trooper!

I always feel very lucky to have such a great job, but lately I have discovered how much fun it really can be.  I have worked with several clients (who love shopping), who find themselves with lots of wonderful pieces that they have never worn, but they love them, are not sure what to wear them with, where to wear them or how to wear them.

From this common situation, we have introduced the Wardrobe Cleanse – Shop Your Wardrobe sessions.  In these sessions we take all of your great items and create the outfits from your current wardrobe, identify the basics you need to buy and cull what you will never wear again/just don’t like anymore!

This is such a wonderful way to ensure that you DO get to wear; the things you already have,  the items that you love, and at the end of your session you find yourself with a wardrobe full of beautiful things that you actually wear.

My clients are very happy, as we’ve found so many new outfits from pieces that have been sitting in the wardrobe for ages!  With a little help, you can easily turn 12 pieces into 40 outfits, especially with great shoes and accessories on hand.

Maybe this is a process that would work for you, and at the very least we can cleanse your wardrobe and make room for some fabulous new things for Spring/Summer!