I love a good party, and I love to get dressed up, so …………………………… let’s get ready to party!

For some of us there are not too many party invites these days ……. quite different from your 20’s and your first decade!  But when an invite comes your way, why not make it a fun event with a great outfit that works for YOU!

The outfit should;

make you feel SUPER CONFIDENT,

be YOUR style,

be appropriate for your function (and maybe something you can wear again to dress up or down – this is always the best option!!)

work with your BUDGET, and

feel COMFORTABLE enough for dancing, a little crazy walking or just standing around!

quite simply, it just needs to be right for YOU.

My favourite party gear is usually the dress, pantsuit or ensemble that I can wear to different occasions, but still look different each time.  Change your shoes, your accessories and even your hair you can dress a piece up or down depending on how you want to look.

This season there are many different styles that allow you to wear it with heels or sparkly shoes to a dressy event and then back up with the same piece with flats, bold or simple accessories for a bbq or lunch.

At the moment there are many interchangeable styles in store that allow this.  Quite simply, we all know a little black dress can go anywhere, but so too can a little white dress, a simple jumpsuit or an embellished top and pants.

Take a look at some ideas I love and that are easy to achieve for many different occasions for most people’s styles, shapes and budgets.

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