Bargains to be had … a couple of things to consider!

We may have missed The Boxing Day Sales, but fear not, there are still great discounts to be had everywhere!

I love, love, love, getting a bargain, especially if it’s something that I’ve been watching!  However, I do try to consider a few things before I go crazy, as all the fun is diminished if my ‘bargains’ don’t fit, don’t go with anything or because the price was amazing.

To avoid feeling disappointed once you get home, here’s a few things to consider when you are grabbling that ‘bargain’!

Must consider, so you really can enjoy the bargain:


Important to consider:

  • Does the item fit properly?
  • Does the colour and cut work for you and your style/lifestyle?
  • Does the item compliment your current wardrobe?

Set off with a plan (of some sort, although all those big SALE signs are distracting:

  • Know what you need (before heading to the wishlist or random buying, if you can!)
  • Head to your favourite stores that carry your favourite brands
  • Be aware of the return policy (just in case you change your mind)
  • Wear something that allows you to try things on easily

The craziness has somewhat subsided, but there are still lots of great discounted things to buy out there and online!

Have a blast …. remember it’s meant to be fun!

PS I know I’m not supposed to say this but …… even if the fabulous shoes are not comfortable, but they are so lovely they are almost like a piece of art, BUY THEM, and just wear them when you are sitting or around the house!!