Finally, it’s jumper time, and I love it!

With the weather forecast telling us that we have some chilly weather heading our way, let’s pull out our beautiful knitwear and stay warm.

If you fancy something new, there is a lot of wonderful knitwear in store and online and ON SALE! The unseasonably warm weather finds retailers in a tricky position, where they have racks of warm knits they need to sell as their Spring stories are about to arrive; not so great for them, but fantastic for us!

Whether you love a sophisticated fine knit, a chunky turtle neck or a elegant neutral, there is something for every style, size and budget.  Labels like Bassike, Seed, Country Road, Zara and Ralph Lauren have knitwear on Sale for everyone.

When choosing knitwear, I like to consider the composition/check the label, as the blend will determine the longevity and care needs of the garment.  The top end offers you cashmere, merino, cotton and silk knits, that require lots of care but feel great and looks amazing.  The more affordable knits are generally wool, polyester, silk, cashmere blends that are more robust, but may not offer the same look and feel, but can still look great and are easy care.

Find something that works for your lifestyle (handwashing is not for everyone!), requirements and budget (dry cleaning does not come cheap).

A lot of the chain stores (for example, Country Road, Seed and Witchery) carry many beautiful blend knits at great prices, but I have found that with regular wear they tend to pill and lose shape.  For me, I tend to go for a natural fibre blend (that may require more care) as it stays looking great for longer – I prefer to have one or two great pieces than lots of average pieces.

If you fancy something new, head to the stores or online as there are lots of fab styles and colours on Sales right now.