Is imitation flattering?  Is copying annoying?

We’ve all heard that ‘Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”  but when is it just annoying??

I find it very flattering when someone replicates my look, but not all of us want our close friends wearing the exact same thing.

Lots of girls get a little disappointed when they have something special, that they love, and a friend or colleague decides they would like it too, and goes out a get’s the SAME thing …….. Is it just that they lack imagination, rude copying or just sort of sweet and a nice compliment?

I have been asked this question many times, so I thought I’d ask around and see what you think is ok and what’s not.

For some this is not a big deal and as we say …. ‘a first world problem’; but others do get a little miffed at a close friend buying the same things as them – copy the style for sure, but maybe not the items exactly?

The guidelines I suggest to those who are thinking of grabbing something the same as a friend or colleague are:

Avoid buying something the same  that is special to your friend, and/or you may wear it at the same time.

Avoid buying the same or very similar piece that is unusual or unique – a statement piece.

If you just absolutely love it, then ask them if they mind if you buy it or just forget it!

Avoid buying exactly the same ….. maybe find the piece in a different colour or style.

Let me know what you think ………..

?? When is imitation/copying flattering and what do you think is fair game?
?? How do you let your friend or colleague know that you would rather they didn’t copy your things??

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