THE BLOCK HEEL; not new, not just for flight attendants, so many great styles!

We all love a stylish looking shoe, and mostly you think you have to wear a high heel to look sophisticated and add a little height, but maybe those days are gone????  The block heel is perfect, when you find the right pair!

I admire those girls who can wear a high heel all day or night, and don’t seem to be in excruciating pain (like me), but for me it’s just not an option.  The block heel really does give us a comfortable and stylish look for day or night.

I have recently been to the stores, and found lots of great block heeled shoes in wonderful colours, textures and heights.

Myer has some fabulous Innovare, Jane Debster (I know) and Basque, so too do Zara, Midas and Dj’s, and lots are on Sale right now.

These heels can give you that little edge that a ballet flat cannot, and there are so many styles with pointed toes, round toes and accented heels.

Check out these pics ……….. the perfect accent to dress up your corporate style or dress down your jeans for a casual but stylish look.

Let me know what you think????

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