Surprise him with a voucher to sharpen up his look, make him look cool again, get rid of the ‘old man’ look or just get some much needed new clothes.

It is mistakenly assumed ‘out there’, that a shopping trip with a sylist is just for the girls – not so!  The guys also like to look and feel good, and a great outfit and easily interchangeable wardrobe can take the guess work out of dressing.

Is your Dad, partner, husband, brother, or friend a little confused about what to wear?  Many men avoid shopping and sometimes it shows!

The men I have recently worked with range from a jazz musician, a banker and a ‘tradie’ that’s out there on the dating scene again.  All of these guys had similar motivations.  They just needed new clothes, as they had no idea what to buy, what looked good and they lacked the inclination to hit the shops.

There have been some definite reservations and concerns, such as not wanting to spend/waste too much money or looking too “over the top”, but In a few short minutes the original concerns of these guys were quickly resolved, once they saw themselves in a few simple pieces that suited them.  Quite honestly, every man I’ve worked with looks at himself in the mirror and gets this funny, very discrete look on their face that they know they are ‘looking good’ and then we are on our way to an easy, fun couple of hours.

The Style Trooper has been working with guys for a Style Shop, Wardrobe Cleanse and even Shop your own Wardrobe.

If you would like to encourage your Father’s Day man with a voucher from The Style Trooper, contact me to discuss the options and what you would like to give.

We have a promotion at the moment for $240 for a 2.5hr shop!

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