It’s almost summer……………….

What makes a great swimsuit, is THE swimsuit that makes YOU feel great.  Comfort, style, budget and what’s right for your lifestyle.

Let me kick off by saying, I’m not a fan of shopping for a swimsuit, and certainly not at all keen to be seen out in public in my swimmers (just yet)!  If you are anything like me, it’s a necessity, as the beach and the pool are a huge part of my family’s lifestyle.

For me finding the right swimsuit is unavoidable! My approach is simple, and here are my tips to go forth and find the perfect one for you:

Imagine yourself with a tan, as that pasty white skin does nothing for your confidence (or is this just me?)

Go on a day when you are feeling good (and don’t let the weird translucent lighting in the change rooms deter you!)

Go when you have time -. avoid that last minute dash to the shops, as this may end in a bad choice or even worse leave you empty handed.

Think about what type of suit works for you, or if you are unsure, be brave and try on as many styles and shapes until you find the right one (you may be pleasantly surprised).

If you have a great suit from a particular brand, try this brand first, as they usually don’t change the fit and will have some great new styles.

Spend what you need to spend (especially if you are going to be wearing it quite a bit) as the styles with sculpting and structure are often more expensive.

Note: check the return policy at the store, as some do not refund on swimwear, but may offer you a credit!

There are so many great styles available, from Seafolly, Milea, Target, Speedo and Bonds and lots of styles that have structure and sculpting, and many fabulous colours and cuts.

Of course, certain styles do work best for different body shapes, bust sizes and heights.  The Huffington Post have this great article that outlines what works best for all our shapes and sizes, take a look if you’d like some tips –

Take a look at some of my favourites as there really is something for all our wonderful shapes, sizes and budgets.