What people are saying…

The Wardrobe Cleanse …… “Julie-Ann made me feel like a million bucks”


The tricky thing is …. you don’t know how much you needed her until she’s been!

Recently I worked with the fabulous Carmen, who is a very busy working Mum of two, and who is tirelessly involved with Mums4Refugees.

Carmen received a session with me as a gift from a friend, and we had a really fun time doing a wardrobe cleanse session.  Carmen loves to shop, loves fashion and was a joy to work.

Carmen said ……

I really didnt expect my session to save me so much money.  It surprised me how much we could mix with existing things, and there were a couple of ‘gems’ Julie-Ann unearthed that I hadnt really appreciated or known what to do with.  As it turned out, I only had a few basics missing which really pulled a lot together.

She also helped me organise my space better, depending on the type of day or event I have planned.  Easy mix and match looks, that make it easy to pick out a good combination, even when short on time.

I was dreading feeling daggy or heavy, but Julie Ann left me feeling like a million bucks, and all with straight forward sound advice.  I will need a top up session come next season!

The tricky thing is, you dont know how much you needed her until shes been!!

Thanks Carmen!



Shopping my own wardrobe!

What an amazing experience!

I set Julie- Ann, The Style Trooper a tough assignment of shopping my wardrobe and guiding me to achieve an amazing chic, relaxed and stylish travel wardrobe for a big trip I have coming up to Africa.

She approached the challenge with a relaxed, professional and stylish eye!  The end result is amazing. 

Thanks, Sharon

Renee get’s her mojo back!

When I was feeling at my lowest due to a stressful time, carrying extra weight and hating the daily routine of finding something to wear, Julie-Ann suggested we go shopping for some basics that would tie me over until I got my back to my usual self.

 I used a session with Julie-Ann to help me choose 2 pairs of on-trend jeans, a funky smart casual top and a dress blouse for dinners out. Mixed with what I had left in my wardrobe that fitted, I had enough to get me through the week.

By giving myself permission and a modest budget to go shopping it completely transformed my state of mind. I stopped stressing about going out and I actually felt good about myself.

Thank you Style Trooper for the helping hand to getting a bit of the old me back.


Marnie’s back for Round 2

I had such a fun day with Julie-Ann last Friday.

Shopping really is a chore for me, as always she made it fun.  We were in and out of Chatswood in under three hours.

Almost everything she suggested, I took home. (I would have taken it all, but I was working to a budget and Julie-Ann helped me adhere to).

I give JA full creative license on what she thinks works for me, and I think that is the key to a successful session.

I would suggest that you have the confidence that you look great in the look she creates for you, and you will.  Otherwise you walk out with more of what you always wear (and not that happy with).  There are things that I wouldn’t choose in a million years, but I go with her recommendation, and I’m never disappointed. 

I also find, because I wear everything I buy now, it’s more efficient. I’m not wasting money on clothes that sit in my wardrobe, barely worn because they don’t fit with everything else I have, or they are just a bit boring.

Just let go of some of the preconceived ideas of what you think looks good on you, and enjoy TST ride.  I’m addicted!


Elizabeth – won the silent auction for TST Voucher #NorthernBeachesGirlsNightIn

Elizabeth won The Style Trooper voucher in the silent auction at the Northern Beaches Girls Night In and decided to go for The Style Trooper ‘Wardrobe Cleanse’.

I went to Elizabeth’s home last week to check out her current wardrobe and style. Elizabeth wanted some suggestions for work outfits that made it easy to dress for work each morning, that suited her figure and lifestyle and felt stylish.

This was an very easy and fun morning, as Elizabeth has great style and is happy to consider new options.

Thanks for your feedback Elizabeth …….

Hi Julie-Ann it was great meeting you yesterday.

You certainly have injected some much needed life into my wardrobe. It’s really refreshing to get an objective view and you have certainly given me lots of starting points.

Thanks for sourcing all the shoes and clothes, you’ve given me lots of options and inspiration.


Louise – New Body and Life after losing 15kgs

What a fun time we had, and it definitely saved me money and time.

When I first started on my exercise program I decided that I would treat myself to a Stylist once I’d reached my goal.

I did the Wardrobe Cleanse and Style Shop with The Style Trooper.  Julie-Ann came to my home and we went through my wardrobes (!) and found plenty of items for Charity that I was never going to wear again and some great things to keep.  We then met at Chatswood and Julie-Ann had the change room at Zara loaded with items that I would never have even looked at.  So bravely I tried on dresses, jeans and jackets and some funky shoes.  I loved it.

We spent the 2.5 hours at Zara, Cue, Forever New, Myer and Target.  I got so many great things for a the warmer weather for work and play.

I must say, it was a wonderful experience with Julie-Ann and I went home feeling confident and inspired.  I wont need to shop for the rest of the season and I didn’t buy anything that ‘wasn’t quite right’ or didn’t work as part of an outfit to wear with my existing clothes or new purchases.

We stayed on budget and got more than I expected.

Thanks Julie-Ann!!  I’ll stay in touch for next season.


Marnie – busy working mother …. “Loved it!”

It was a fact-finding mission for Julie-Ann as I had no idea where to start. We identified what I was missing and what looks I liked and then went for it.

The Style Trooper has an amazing ability to source items from discount stores and combined them with more expensive high end, statement pieces to create the perfect wardrobe. The best part was that I had just two hours at the Mall, as she had all the pieces and accessories in the fitting rooms of different stores when I arrived – perfect for me as I loath shopping!!.

We did a wardrobe cleanse; donating my out of date and no-longer-my-size clothes and worked on how to revamp some great pieces I already had with a few accessories and different shoes.

We then met again and headed to Target and Big W for a few basic shorts and jeans, two bras (that fitted properly) and t’s. Then we went onto DJ’s where I purchased a Collette Dinnigan dress (on Sale) and some dressy tops from Country Road and Bassike. Finally we got a great pair of neutral wedges and a pair of gold sandals. I tried on things I wouldn’t have ever tried before and I loved it.

It was such a great afternoon, and all achieved with a smile and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend The Style Trooper if you want to find a new look and sort out your style and wardrobe and importantly get the confidence to be able to build on what you have.


Gerry – “the perfect gift for my wife”

I gave my wife a The Style Trooper gift voucher for a Wardrobe Cleanse and Style Shop for Xmas.

It was perfect as she was feeling a bit flat about her clothes and what to wear after having our son and leaving corporate life. ‘Apparently’ you need new clothes for the new lifestyle (as a Mum) and your new shape!

Julie-Ann came to the house and sorted the wardrobe out and then they headed to the shops the next day and my wife was a happy lady. We had a night out to celebrate and she looked and felt great.

It was win-win for me as it made my wife happy and she was really happy with heaps of brownie points for me for being so thoughtful!!

Caroline – Crazy busy working Mum with NO love for shopping!!

I had the best morning with TST!

My wardrobe is now set for winter with new boots x two, ballet flats, a light wool trench, stunning evening blouse and jeans.
Such an economical and entertaining trip to the shops pushing me slightly out of my comfort zone in a very positive direction.

All sorted in three hours as ‘The Style Trooper’ did all the planning before we arrived. Best shopping experience yet! Thank u x


Brad– I couldn’t believe this was for guys too!

My sister encouraged me to have a session with The Style Trooper and it was great.

In a nut-shell, I had been going to the gym and lost a lot of weight and none of my clothes fitted me properly and it was probably time for some new things.

I spoke to Julie-Ann on the phone initially and we chatted about my lifestyle and what sort of styles I liked. Then the next day I met her at the Mall where she had heaps of clothes put aside for me to try on. We found some great jeans and pants, along with three shirts and two jumpers. We then headed to DJ’s for shoes and a new belt. Finally I bought a really Jacket/blazer to dress up the other things we’d found. (It was helpful too, that she talked to me about taking care of everything so that stayed looking good.)

I have to admit, it did not seem like something I would do EVER, but it was really easy and relaxed and I do feel really stylish in my trim body and new gear.

Julie-Ann was so friendly and calm, which made me comfortable to try on things that I would not usually even look at, and she hit on exactly what worked for me.

Give her a call if you feel like you need some help with your clothes, it’s not just for women!