Blue jeans are something a woman can wear forever and look fabulous ….with a few minor tweaks along the way!

I absolutely love love blue jeans ….. all types of blue jeans!  Over the years, I’ve tried them all,  and definitely tried to pull off some of the styles that don’t suit my body type (with no regrets at the time!).  

Blue denim has been part of my wardrobe since I was a kid and then a teenager (when I got to choose my first pair of Staggers!) and great fitting blue jeans are a must-have for me.

As our love of denim, and in particular jeans has evolved over many decades, we find so many styles, lengths, colours, brands, price points, rises, washes and places to wear them!

Style, wash, fit, length, rise,  price …….  soooo many things to consider!  

The Styles – Straight, skinny, super skinny, flare, wide leg, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the jegging …… and there are a few thousand more (the selvage hem, the embellished legs, the patchwork, the distressed).

The Skinny jean and the super skinny jean and the jegging are similar in that they are fitted to your leg from hip to ankle.

The Straight leg jeans are close fitting and have a straight narrow leg, that does not flare out at the bottom and normally has the same circumference from the knee to the hem.

The Flared jeans of today are snug fitting at the top and thighs and go out from the knees down.  Some have very wide exaggerated flares and others are more gentle, but wider than the boot-cut.

The Wide legged jeans are different from the Flares, as it has a wider circumference from the top of the leg.

The Boyfriend jeans are styled to resemble a girl wearing her boyfriend’s jeans ….. slouchy, relaxed, sometimes distressed or ripped up.   This style is generally worn loose fitting and can flatter almost any body type.

The Girlfriend jeans are a more fitted and tailored version than the boyfriend jeans, still looking relaxed and stylish.

The Rise high, low, medium …. as the terms suggest this is the length of the front of the jeans from the crotch seam to the top of the zip/button on the centre waist band.

The specific ‘rise’ of your jeans can impact how comfortable and how well a style works with your shape and size.

When I was a much slimmer, younger girl ‘low rise’ jeans were perfect for me, but now I have a little more flesh around my hips and stomach, I choose ‘mid rise’ styles as they are more comfortable (I’m not having the hitch them up all the time) and they do give me a nicer shape, with all of ‘me’ tucked into the the jeans and no muffin top!

The Length – full length, extra long, ankle grazer, 7/8’s, these are all different jean lengths.

The different lengths in jeans are great to flatter our different body types as well as allowing you to dress up or dress down your look.

I have jeans in various lengths to wear for different occassions, with different shoes and for creating different looks.  For those who know me, they know I like to show a little ankle and my upper foot to elongate my legs.  I mostly buy short styled skinny or straights, and cuff to the length I need for a certain look if needed.

The fit – petite, regular, tall, demi curves, plus size.

These are some of the ‘fits’ of women’s jeans!  As you would assume, these are quite specific to your body shape and really do make it so much easier to find a great pair of jeans.

Not all brands have different fits, but many do now.  Levis and Lucky Brand have a great range to fit girls of all shapes and sizes which you can find online or at DJ’s or for a more affordable option, Target carry Danni Minogue Petites range and Big W have Lee Cooper in lots of different fits.

The Colour – dark wash, distressed, pale, vintage are just some of the different blue washes your jeans can come in.

It is now very acceptable to wear jeans to most occasions and events, as it’s easy to dress them up or down with elegant blouses, beautiful heels and a blazer or a black turtleneck and black flats.

For me, dark jeans are my preference for a more special occasion as the darker look really is more slimming and elongating.  I do wear distressed boyfriend jeans and lighter skinnies, but I avoid the very pale blue as this is a little less flattering.

The Cost – $39, $89, $350+ ….. jeans, just like anything can cost you a lot or a little, but there are definitely good quality jeans out there for every budget.

As jeans are an important staple for me, I spend a little on some and a lot on others.  I love Dannii Minogue’s jeans from Target (from size 6 – 16), are great value, but I also love my J Brand jeans that I bought five years ago and still wear all the time.  My favourite jeans in recent years have been from Target, J Brand, Levis and Zara.

When you are shopping for jeans ………

Go jean shopping on a day when you are feeling good, have some time and maybe with a friend (if you like a second opinion).  Take some time and try on different styles and colours, and really think about how YOU feel in the jeans.

For me, a great pair of jeans is …….. comfortable, the right colour, what I need and the right price!  I really do try never to buy jeans that are not comfortable as I just don’t wear them!!!

I am really enjoying thinking and writing about jeans, (as I live in jeans) so please let me know if there’s anything you may like a little advice for when choosing your jeans.

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