….. with velvet, suede, metalic and embroidery!

I’ve spent a lot of time in shops this week, and there’s plenty to be excited about.

There are so many interesting and fun pieces out now, that even the most classic dresser will love.  The current trends make it easy to Include something a little different, to give your style that individual edge (and a skip in your step).

This season there are metalics jackets and bags, coloured boots, textured boots and shoes, velvet bomber jackets and dresses, sophisticated embroidered military jackets …… honestly, it’s a Stylists dream!

All you need, is a white t shirt and jeans, black pants and blazer, or your simple navy dress (whatever you feel good in); and a great shoe, ankle boot, velvet bag or bomber jacket can make your style pop.  (I think this is a whole new level of adding a ‘pop-of-colour’ to your outfit, maybe?).

There are bits and pieces for all budgets, styles, lifestyles and shapes out there right now.  You can find them at Zara, Gucci, ASOS, Myer, Witchery, Country Road, Target and Free People ….. just to name a few.

Adding one piece of something fabulous will feel great, be it for work or play.

Check out some of these great examples …….