I do LOVE a great handbag ….. vintage, high fashion or a fabulous bargain!

I clearly remember my mother’s handbags were beautiful, and always well cared for, and usually had matching shoes!  I also remember my Auntie coming back from a very ‘exotic’ trip to Hong Kong in the 70’s,  with what I recall was a Louis Vuitton (maybe a knock-off or not??), and knowing it was a little special!

Whilst my first encounter of completely convetting an IT bag was the Chloe Paddington (in sort of camel lamb leather, with the huge signature padlock feature).  From there I have hunted for all types and styles of bags, on Sale, online, second hand, and have had plenty of success (and I love the hunt).

But really to be stylish, does a your bag have to be worn by celebrities, a high end fashion label, mysteriously vintage from NYC or can it just be a fabulous accessory that YOU love – I say absolutely!

I have had and seen so many wonderful bags that are not high end, from major European fashion houses or carried only by celebrities, (but I have also seen many that are too).

Please don’t misunderstand me, I love beautiful hangbags and shoes, but to me it is usually about quality and uniqueness, rather than ‘what’s in right now’.

I have a couple of high end bags (no Birken or Paddington) , that I have bought in the past 20 years, and still wear them all the time (even if they aren’t on trend right now!).  But I have a few really great Australian Designers and some very interesting designs from markets and vintage stores, that I love even more.

The handbag has many functions, as we know; you may need something that is corporate and sophisticated, that can fit your laptop and lunch, or maybe you only need a small cross-body bag for your phone and lippy, or like me it changes all the time.  But, mostly for me, I choose a bag that looks interesting, unique and is practical for me, on that particular day.  It should always be about YOU, and what works for you!

Your bag can change your outfit completely.  Wear your basic jeans and tshirt with a great bag, to add that little edge.  Dress it up or dress it down, but always add that little bit of YOU.

Most high end brands are fantastic, but there are some great not-so-expensive bags out there from local designers and brands like ASOS.  I love …. William Phillips, Deadly Ponies, Poltrona, The Wolf Gang, Vintage Gucci and Country Road.

Simple is great, why not make a individual statement with your bag ….   check out some of my favourites.